Computer Science

This wepage is for my computer science 1 class.
We are learning to code in C#. I have several assignments
that I would like to show you. Programming is difficult but I like
to call it hard fun.

Good-Bye Program


This Project demonstrates the use of buttons that turn into Good-Bye but in another language.

About Me Program


This program uses buttons to make a label about an imaginary company pop up.

Mailing Label


this project makes use of textboxes to input your personal info so that it can generate a personal mailing label.

Car Rental Program


This project again makes use of textboxes, labels, and buttons to generate prices of renting a certain car for a specific amount of days.

BMI Program


This program quite simply calculates your body mass index.

Test-Score Program


This program calculates average Test-Scores between two tests.

Car Rental V2 Program


This is just and updated and upgraded version of the old one with some extra bells and wistles such as being able to pick which cr to rent and adding exotic features such as leather.

Dice Game Program


Randomly generated dice being "thrown" using a complicated coding system.

Craps Game Program


This a vegas craps game that adds up points and rolls, and even places a chip around the board.

Shirt-Sales Program


similar to car rental but instead calculates t-shirts.

Slot Machine Program


Vegas like slot machine that uses random probability to generate certain images on screen.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Program


This program like the slot machine genrates random images into picture boxes randomly.

Fish 1 // Fish 2D Program


This program simulates an aquariam with 8 fish in an array

NCAA Bowls Program


This program compares two teams bowl stats to each other

Tic-Tac-Toe Program


This program has an ai play tic tac toe agaisnt you

N! Program


This program solves complicated math sequences by itself with a press or entering of a number

Basic AI Program


This program has you play galaga agaisnt aliens

Starfield Array Program


This program has an array of 8 stars moving smoothly across the screen to simulate space

Aquriam Array Program


This program has an array of fish, sharks, etc. floating around and killing eachother while a boat trys to catch fish

Airplane Program


this program has a plane that drops bombs continuely on the player.

final Project


This program has a bunch of aliens that you fight against in space, you have three lives and if you lose all your lives your presented with a gameover screen. also the game keeps track of score.